Another Monday

This morning I got up early to drive Little Miss C to her once-weekly full day of 'school' with other homeschooled children, then came home and slept for a few more hours. I wish I could count driving her all that way as my one goal for the day, but the fact is that the one load of dishes J did on Friday didn't even put a dent in the pileup. I have some serious washing to do. And then I'm going to take one readers advice and buy lots and lots of paper plates and plastic utensils to get me through the rest of this pregnancy. :)

It's steadily raining outside {unusual for our neck of the woods} so I've given myself permission to spend the rest of the afternoon reading books and playing card games with the kids.

Have a great Monday, all!


Kiki said...

I am so right there with you...pregnant and not feeling any motivation to do anything around the house. Thanks for keeping it real!

Apis Melliflora said...

Now if only we could all come up with ideas on how to keep up with the laundry, life would be sunnier indeed.

Another thought for you: when the weather warms up, just eat finger foods on napkins and a table cloth outside.

TheSpanishLady said...

ummm by the way I love ya lots

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