Garden Fence

Here's the fence and gate we installed around the small garden this weekend. It isn't exactly beautiful, but it was quite economical. We already had the chicken wire and wood from previous fence-building attempts, and just had to figure out a way to make it secure {keep out both chickens and children} yet accessible come harvest time.

I plan on painting some sealant on it to make the wood last a little longer, and we need to adjust the gate {we made it a little crooked and now it catches when we try to open it} but otherwise it was a quick and satisfying project. J has turned into quite the handyman the last couple of months.

Even though J did most of the work, spending hours outside helping dig in the mud, measure and cut the wood, and staple chicken wire seems to have helped release me a bit from the funk I've been in. That, and the sun is shining today. :)

I can't wait until our tomato plants are as tall as the fence. Mmmm. Home grown tomatoes.

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