L turns 2

Baby L turned 2 years old on Monday. Which means I should really stop calling him Baby L. I can't help it. He still seems so little to me. When the new baby is born, he will be 2 1/2, which is a full year younger than my other kids have been when dealing with a brand new sibling. I'm having to adjust to that.

We thought he might not understand that he had to open the presents, but it hasn't been that long since Christmas, so he totally remembered and tore right in.

We got him a little travel Aqua-doodle pad. Best gift ever. He has stopped coloring on the floor with every crayon, pencil and permanent marker that makes it's way into his determined little hands. I am very relieved.

The balls were a big hit as well. {I feel as though I have at least one of those stuck under my shirt.}

Happy Birthday L. Looks like you're approaching your toddler years with attitude. :)


The Dragonfly said...

He will look like a giant when you bring the new baby home! But for now, he is the baby and a really cute one at that!

The Queen Vee said...

I love a boy you loves a handful of sports balls. Had to think a bit about my comment, it almost came out X rated. Happy Birthday Master L, soon to be big brother.

LisAway said...

What a cutie! You too, in that picture with the balls. Love the "at least one" comment. :) You're such a cute pregnant lady.

Happy Birthday Big Boy L!!

(also, we love Color Wonder for taking to church etc. Such great inventions.)

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