Let's call it a Field Trip

While the East Coast has been hammered by snow, we've been getting record rainfalls. Last week we took the kids to see where the wash had overflown and swept away the road.

It was impressive, and got us out of the house for a while. {I wish I had a better camera-- these iphone photos are driving me crazy. They don't do the destruction justice.}


The Dragonfly said...

That's an adventure! {so is 58 inches of snow in a week!}

Your iPhone is your friend, even in photography. Check out my brother's photoblog - all pics taken with iPhone and one app!


The Queen Vee said...

Your iphone did a fine job of capturing AZ weather distruction. I sure wouldnt want to drive down that road in the dark. I bet your kids were fascinated.

We've broken the 100+ most snow in a year record today here in Nothern Virginia. Todays storm was named Snoverkill (Snowoverkill). It's beautiful and messy all at the same time ...... we are all tired of shoveling snow. Maybe the son will show it's face tomorrow until then I'm putting another log on the fire.

The Dragonfly said...

I'll ask my bro what app he's using and let you know! I'm amazed at the images he's capturing with that little phone with an apple on it! :)

Apis Melliflora said...

Fine photo. Destruction clear.

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