Outdoor Living 2

So, here's my Design on a Dime version of the outdoor room. The adirondack chairs are just cheepie plastic ones from Home Depot {purchased a few years ago}. The pillows {$3.99 each} and drapes {$9.99 for two panels} are from IKEA. My location didn't have the awning stripe pillows in stock, so I sewed my own with fabric from Ikea. The side table is similar to IKEA's Lack table, but is from Target {twice the price at $14.99 but it was smaller and came in green. If I had a larger budget, I would have gone for this, which is closer to the inspiration table}. The sculptural vase {$14.99} and strawberry pot {$19.99} are also from Target.

I also bought some globe lights {$12.99 for 25 ft at Target} but haven't hung them yet.

And I still really want an outdoor rug to make it more formal, but my boys keep using the patio to play hockey, so I suspect it would spend the majority of time rolled up and shoved out of the way. Perhaps not worth the expense.

Now you know where I spend all my time when not blogging. :)


LisAway said...

Lovely! And you are so resourceful. Right now I hear the kids playing outside, but this posts makes me want to get out there, too. (even though we don't have such a lovely set-up)

SPYGLASS said...

Ooooo boy, love the room, come design our place please. We need a makeover:)
Not sure by the prices u mentioned that it really was on a dime;) I can't even imagine that type of $moolah$ getting to be spent on beautiful luxury and decor:)
it's gorgeous!!!! U know my fetish for green and black:)

mosey said...

Love your sense of style. I can picture myself there lounging with a lemonade (keeping my toes out of the way of hockey sticks...).

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