Morning Already

Sorry for the long absence. Time keeps slipping away from me in all sorts of ways.

I'm back to not sleeping. Part of it is physical discomfort, but I think another part of it is medication withdrawal. I have a fabulous bedtime routine-- a long soak in the bath followed by generous amounts of lotion, a cup of hot chocolate {sugar and warm milk- that should knock me out!} and a semi-interesting book. It seems to work for about 20 minutes, and then I'm tossing and turning endlessly until sometime between 4 and 6 in the morning.

It's a blast, let me tell you.

I suppose I could blog in the middle of the night. I could probably do all kinds of things in the middle of the night: reading, cleaning, watching movies, or sending Thank You notes. But I don't. I just toss and turn and try to will myself to sleep.

Perhaps tonight, if I'm not blissfully unconscious, I'll type out an incoherent blog post for you. I can only imagine the intelligent musings that might contain. :)


merelyLooking said...

You have the best images - I'm stealing them all the time :)

LisAway said...

Ugh! To be over-tired on top of everything. It is a hateful business trying to sleep when you just can't for hours at a time.

I'll be watching for your incoherent post, though I hope you actually fall asleep till morning and don't get a chance to write one!

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