All About E

I think I'm making inroads against the Other Mother.

The other day, E and I were going over the alphabet, writing the letters one by one in his notebook while he sang all the alphabet songs he knew and asked questions about the sounds the letters make.

"I know how to make a J!" he exclaimed proudly, then proceeded to draw a T. I corrected him gently, showing him what a J looks like. He stared at the paper for a moment, his face scrunched in consternation. All at once it brightened, "Oh yeah!" he laughed, smacking one hand to his forehead. "My mom just told me it was a J and she was totally wrong!"

"Oh," I nodded conspiratorially. So. The Other Mother now has faults. Excellent. :)


E is fascinated with numbers. He notices them everywhere and counts everything. He is especially enamored with scores. He likes to turn everything into a competition and has his own elaborate point system which seems to be rigged so that he always emerges the winner.

He has all his toys and cars play hockey games and loudly announces the score to anyone who listens. And for Mother's Day he gave me the most generous gift he could think of: a drawing of a hockey rink with little circles and x's representing two teams.

"This is Detroit and this is you," he pointed. "And guess who won? YOU! 19 to 22!"


Recently, I gave E one of those large rolls of paper you can purchase at IKEA. It sat unused for months until this week, when he discovered that it's perfect for making treasure maps. He has spent hours drawing map after map, dressing in his pirate costume, and convincing people to hide his treasure box for him.

When I had to go in for that scary ultrasound, E charmed all the doctors and technicians by arriving in full pirate regalia: hat, vest, hook, eyepatch and telescope.

What a character.


In other news, I slept for 10 hours straight last night. Bliss!


merelyLooking said...
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merelyLooking said...

From BigMeanDad: He's got a hook?! I'm jealous!

Crys said...

:) thats all, This post just made me smile.

The Queen Vee said...

Yeah for a good nights sleep and shiver me timbers if I don't love a boy who wants to be a pirate.

The Wingnut's said...

I was so happy to read the other mother is not so perfect! It made my day!

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