Baby Blessing

Third event of the weekend: Elevensies after the Baby Blessing. There was too much food to even show here; cinnamon rolls with generous amounts of cream cheese frosting, blueberry muffins, banana bread, pork, egg casseroles, assorted fruits galore...

Lots of blue for the little baby boy-- even sparkling blueberry juice.

This is exactly what T did all weekend-- stole slices of watermelon off of tables and plates, then promptly dropped them in the sand or pine needles. Poor kid!

The happy family with their newly named and blessed babe. I'm telling you, it was tremendously healthy for my psyche to be around brand new babies. {Oh yeah, that's why I decided to get pregnant..}

My dad built the sandbox and raised garden beds for their front yard-- I love the teepee for the climbing peas, and so did the little ones.

And lastly, a four generation shot. :)

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Crys said...

fun pictures. I just realized we were the only family there that didn'y have a camera. I would love copies of the pics of the whole family! please.

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