As of Sunday, I have only 5 weeks left until my due date.

3 of those weeks will be spent without J as he films back east. I'm telling myself that his absence will force me to concentrate on something other than pregnancy {you know, stuff like actually feeding the kids}, thus making it feel faster.

I've survived 35 weeks of pregnancy so far.

I was absolutely terrified of my 3rd trimester, but now I'm 8 weeks in.

Just 5 weeks left.

According to Google, in 5 weeks one can: lose 10 pounds, safely train for a 5k race, grow out hair by almost an inch, plant and harvest radishes, learn to speak beginner level Spanish, and make it half-way through Basic Training.

5 weeks? Piece of cake.



liz stanley said...

oh good luck!!!home stretch!

LisAway said...

I'm sending positive vibes your way! It's getting so close! I hope you manage alright while J is gone! You can do it!

Crys said...

:) Five more weeks, golly can't wait to see the lil bugger.

Janae said...

You're lucky. I've got 15 weeks left, and my hubby will be gone for 7 of those. I feel your pain. You can do it!!

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