It's about 4:30 a.m. and I've decided to quit trying to sleep for the moment. My theory is that sleep is like love-- sometimes it sneaks up on you just when you've given up on it.

Night time is hard. It's when I feel the most lonely, and time seems to stretch on unrelentingly.

In the past, during the post partum depression stage, it's when I became the most teary and slightly panicked. My spirits tend to fade with the sunlight.

But there's always a silver lining. Likely, I will sleep away the greater part of tomorrow {today?}, which makes at least one day pass all the more quickly.

Oh, and when the chickens start clucking at the sun {in about 30 minutes} I'll already be up and ready to feed them.

Focusing on the positive, people. Focusing on the positive :)

PS- I wonder how many times since starting this blog, I've done an image search for 'bed'?


LisAway said...

And I wonder how you manage to find so many excellent images for "bed"!!

So glad you're up before the chickens. Totally worth missing sleep, isn't it? :( :)

The Queen Vee said...

Great attitude Melancholy! I'm just catching up on your blog after 5 days of family reunioning. I could use some helping hands after having 22 family members hanging out in my house. Fingerprints and chaos abounds right now at Kenvick cottage and I'm watching two grandsons while my daughter-in-law is at camp so the clean up will take some time.

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