Custom Pottery

The baby is low and everything aches. I feel more than ready to give birth the minute J is home. Unfortunately, I've been through this enough to know that I may still have a week {or two! or three!} before he/she makes a grand appearance. Time enough for another nesting project, surely.

The junk drawers are organized, every pencil in the house is sharpened, the house cleaned, the yard trimmed, the nursery assembled, baby clothes laundered and laid out, and the swing revamped-- next? I may have to try this simple, inexpensive project involving IKEA china and a pottery pen. {found via Black, White, Yellow}

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Apis Melliflora said...

That project requires a steady hand and some serious patience! But, it looks very cool.

Fall clothes and school supplies are hitting the stores and I already have a stack of kids' clothing catalogs. Maybe you could do some early school shopping.

A+ on pencil sharpening.

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