I'm exhausted. After averaging 2 hours of sleep per night for the last few weeks, my physical and mental reserves are down to nil. Yesterday, I pleaded with the children to watch a movie quietly so I could try to nap. 10 minutes later, this is the exchange I heard take place:

{Little Miss C singing along to the Disney video at top of her lungs}

E: Be quiet, I can't hear the movie!

Little Miss C: It's a Sing-A-Long video. I'm supposed to sing!

E: I want to hear the movie, not YOU.

Little Miss C: Don't pick a Sing-A-Long if you don't like singing! {Continues to belt it out as loud as she can}


Little Miss C: You're not the boss of me!

At this point I hear a *smack* that is definitely E hitting Little Miss C. She proceeds to cry in an overly dramatic fashion, clearly hoping I will rush downstairs and severely punish her brother. It's all so obnoxious, I purposely ignore it. When her fake tears draw no response, I can hear her stomp to the television and turn off the movie.

Little Miss C: You can't watch ANYTHING if you're going to act like that!


Little Miss C: NO!

And then a whole lot of screaming results as they race around the room trying to hurt and maim each other.

Obviously, I intervened and sent them both to separate rooms. But what I really wanted to do was put them up for adoption. Any takers? :)

PS: At least L got his nap.


hukolb said...

Why does this sound oh too familiar:)?

hukolb said...
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LisAway said...

Aaaaah, how calming and relaxing for you. My kids never do anything like this so it's nice to hear about what happens at other people's houses, even if I can't relate at all. (cough, cough)

Two hours a night? On average? I am so sorry. I'd hoped that had gotten better. I'm glad that you can look forward to a day SOON when you will have a GOOD reason to be awake at night. And something super amazingly cute and sweet to look at while you're at it.

Apis Melliflora said...
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Apis Melliflora said...

Time to farm out the kiddos to friends so that you can get some zzz's.

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