If you've seen Inception, you know how little moments can seem to stretch on forever. {If you haven't seen Inception, do. It's the best film I've seen this year, and exactly the type I go to the movies hoping to find.}

Time is relative, pliable, subjective. One can spend a lifetime stuck in the throes of a single day.

That's how it feels, anyway.

I got talked out of trying to induce labor. I'll probably thank my midwife later, when the difference between one day and ten doesn't seem so vast. For now, I'm resigned to sit and wait. Maybe not patiently, but at least with less bluster and indignation as I displayed on Sunday. :)

The minutes tick by as slowly as hours. Living in one's head is not easy.

Thanks for the prayers. I swear I can feel them.


Janae said...

Oh, I don't know HOW you're doing it!!! I'm 30 weeks and feeling HUGE already. Just know I'm thinking and praying for you.

The Queen Vee said...

I have been traveling out west for the past two weeks, arrived home yesterday and now trying to catch up on my favorite blogs. Hope that baby makes an appearance VERY soon, thinking of you Melancholy!

hukolb said...

Speaking of slowing down time, we just saw a special on air jaws 1 and 2 and ultimate air jaws, it was amazing! On Discovery I think! J might love it, I know my brother in law does! At least it would take your mind off of things for now.

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