Five Weeks

This morning, L woke up at 6:00 and came downstairs to have some quiet time with his baby brother and I. He drove his truck up and down the baby's legs, made funny faces and cooed "Beebee is nice" trying to elicit a toothless grin, and patted R's head.

I feel for L. He's been thrust from his position of youngest child much earlier than my other children. In many ways, he's still a baby. He's in diapers. He naps. He craves the comfort of his pacifier and blanket. But in other ways, he's leaping into the big boy world with abandon. He's learning his numbers and colors. He loves to say "No, me do it!" and display his independence. He tests the limits of E's patience by copying everything his older brother does and says, and this week he inexplicably started to switch from calling me "Meemee" to "Mommy".

He's growing up.

So, not only is baby R five weeks old today, but L is 5 weeks into being an older brother. Goodness, I love them both. :)


The Dragonfly said...

I'm quite smitten with Baby R's hair. It makes me feel happy!

Tru Stories said...

R continues to look more and more like your father-in-law....I wonder if he will be just as goofy and happy as him, as well!

Apis Melliflora said...

R always has such a thoughtful expression. Like, "Oh, there's that woman I love, my Mommy."

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