Today I ran 2 miles. Well, walked and ran. But mostly ran.

Observations on running 5 weeks post partum:
  • Only one running pace is available to me at this time-- SLOW.
  • Two sports bras are required.
  • Sleep is still first priority, so I run during the heat of the late morning. Sweaty.
  • This body is still foreign. I have extra flesh wiggling and jiggling all over the place.
But the fact remains; running again {even slow, red faced, jiggly running} is awesome.


Apis Melliflora said...

Slow is still on the go! 5 weeks? You are amazing!

hukolb said...

Yes, It's been 5 months and I'm still not back to it! But that's becuase I still don't have a husband back either (maybe in two or 10 years!) Honestly by 3 months things seem much more back to normal and I've heard by 2 years you are invincible! Here's to another 18 months of survival mode, but then isn't that when the next one is due! So, for your very best friends could you pass an email along with the most awsome baby boy name, etc...? Good luck with everything, wish I was there to trade babysitting, meals, etc...!

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