Eight Weeks

Why is it that today Baby R is 8 weeks old, but he isn't 2 months old until the 12th? The same thing used to perplex me when it came to keeping track of pregnancy in weeks or months.


Today R is 8 weeks old, and what I really want to know is if I can pass him off as 3 months, which is how old he has to be before the childcare at my gym will take him.

J is back to working outside the home until the end of the year, and he has started playing tennis in the early morning, a time I usually reserve to go running. I don't yet feel comfortable leaving Little Miss C in charge, even for 30 minutes when everyone is asleep.

After all, what if the kids woke up and decided to cook their own breakfast by boiling eggs in a vat of oil and burned the house down? What if the baby woke up and wouldn't stop crying so they tried to rock him and dropped him on the floor instead? What if someone tripped and fell down the stairs and didn't know to call 9-1-1 or run to a neighbor? What if CPS randomly showed up at my door and found four kids running around without an adult in the house and decided to take them away from me?

So. That leaves the gym.

He looks chubby enough, right?


Janae said...

Our gym does 8 weeks--3 months!!! That's just wrong. R is adorable.

The Dragonfly said...

I'd say he passes for 10 weeks! That may be no help, but it also means that in two weeks, I think you should march right over to that gym and excercise it up! Until then, maybe a baby jogger stroller?

Monkey Business said...

You are lucky all the gyms around here make you wait until the baby is 6 months!
Bikes and jogging strollers are a good bet..or at least try the daycare - what will they do, ask for a birth certificate?!

Apis Melliflora said...

I'm impressed with post-partum exercise. Period. I couldn't do anything with bounce until I finished nursing.

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