Pencil Skirts

In the past, I've worn ratty pajamas, workout clothes, and baggy maternity wear as I struggle to lose baby weight. I was convinced that I had to be a size 2 before wearing my favorite pencil skirts became an option.

I've changed my mind.

I bought two lovely high-waisted pencil skirts {in *ahem* a size 8} and have told myself that I can look put together no matter how much I weigh. Remarkably, it's done wonders for my self esteem! I still plan on whittling myself down to my pre-pregnancy size, but for now I am no longer dressed like a bag lady.

And, for the first time in my life, the numbers on the scale actually seem like just numbers. Surprise, surprise!

{An even bigger surprise? I bought these at JC Penny {on sale!}, a store I haven't set foot in for over a decade. Thanks for the tip, Steph!}

Edit: a pair of Spanx really helps as well.


The Dragonfly said...

I also love pencil skirts. I was pretty thrilled to find a gray wool pencil skirt at the thrift store last week for $2.50. But I am admiring the JC Penny number you showed with the ruffles in back. Maybe I'll go check it out in person.

ps. Size 8 is pretty darn great!

The Queen Vee said...

There are millions of woman who would love to be a size 8 and, a size 2 will never happen for 99 9/10 of the women in the world.

I love your attitude Melancholy, it's healthy and realistic for where you are right now. You'll get back into your other clothes just be patient....in the mean time, it looks like you've found some fantastic skirts that will fit you perfectly for right now. I bet you look like a million bucks in these pencil skirts.

Apis Melliflora said...

I ventured into a JCP last year and was pleasantly surprised with a few items. There were still some crazy patterned polyester large tents, but there were some stylish, classy solids too.

Size 8 in one store is a size 2 in another. Somewhere in the world, you are already a size 2.=-)

Hess Clan said...

A size 2! I don't think I have ever been a size 2. I am glad you are feeling better...you looked as great as ever at church.

hukolb said...

Agree with all the size comments...some of us are just not made to EVER be a size 2 or 4 or 6....:) And not that this helps ease any frustration but I've realized that with each baby my "back to normal" size and unflabbiness (?) takes a bit longer, like 5 months with the third just to get back into my normal clothes, not to mention the child bearing stretched out flabbiness that may go away someday when I'm not nursing/pregnant and can run again:). Hang in there! Wish we could go to JCP together sometime, I need a shopping buddy like crazy!

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