Pumpkin Babies

{Baby R, 2010}
Look, it's a JACK o' lantern. :D You can't tell from this picture, but that is a BIG pumpkin. Baby R could barely fit, and insisted on standing instead of sitting. We were trying to recreate the following photo:

{Little Miss C, 2001}
Little Miss C was two weeks younger and much smaller than Baby R is now. In the end, we found that babies do not like the cold, stringy interior of a pumpkin, no matter how cute you tell them that they look. :)

After our photo shoot, L stripped down and announced that it was his turn. :D He obviously couldn't fit inside, but he's pretty darn adorable anyway.


Crys said...

Haha this is aweosme. E looks so cute. You are the queen of Halloween.

The Queen Vee said...

What wonderful Halloween memories you have created with your three adorable pumpkins and your clever imagination.

Apis Melliflora said...

So cute!

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