Paper Snowflakes

I love simple holiday decorations. Perhaps as a result of living in the desert, I am especially drawn to snowflakes. These Anthropologie window displays are right up my ally.

I like that there are a few blue ones stuck in with the white. It makes for an especially chilly effect. {Photos by Katy Elliott}

After spying this snowflake curtain over at Bugs and Fishes, I've determined I must make a bunch of fancy paper snowflakes. Apparently, it's all in the way you fold the paper.

Since I'm all impatient to start, I've experimented by making a few virtual snowflakes with the addictive Make-A-Flake. They have a huge gallery of snowflakes you can use as inspiration or download as templates.

Now, where to put them?


Jennifer said...

I'ma big fan of the paper snowflake. Easy to do while watching TV and cheap.

I usually decorate my office at work with them and I'm kind of bummed that I'm on maternity leave this year, so my office will be sans festive cheer.

The Queen Vee said...

Love the window display and what a fun snowflake site, thanks for sharing.

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