Tulle Coat Part 2

Well, happy birthday to me! More than a month early, but J figured I'd get more use out of the gorgeous coat I blogged about if I had it in time for caroling and Christmas lights and whatnot. I'm over the moon! Isn't it the loveliest shade of blue?

I have no idea how he was able to find it so quickly. Believe me, I scoured the internet looking for one in just my size, to no avail. He managed to discover one on ebay and snatched it up. I love it.

Now, if I had an iphone I'd buy this awesome Kate Spade cover and complete the ensemble. :)


The Dragonfly said...

That coat absolutely suits you! Love the entire ensemble, right down to the killer black heels. You go girl! Winter in Arizona never looked so good.

Ps. Do you need a coat there? :)

The Queen Vee said...

You look FAB darling! The coat is YOU and your ensemble reeks chicness and the best thing of all is you look so HAPPY! Way to go J, you made her day in a spectacular way.

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