Tough Guy

I know I'm turning into such a mommy blogger, but I can't help it. Just look at that face! Yesterday, I dragged out the clothes I'd been saving for Baby R's blessing day and discovered that he's already grown out of most of them! With just the hat and pants, he looked like such a little mobster, I couldn't resist giving him a tattoo to match. :)

He has a face that says "Don't mess wit' me!" and the guns to back it up. :D Love. That. Boy.


LisAway said...

SO DARLING! Oh my goodness.

And I have loved your mommy posts. I totally started blogging about my kids after Spencer was born. Your focus just kind of changes without you realizing it and you really just think about the kids (and how adorable they are) more than usual.

But when I think mommy blogger I think, "Today we went to the zoo! Look at how cute little Emmy is with her best friend on the swings!" (which is fine if it's occasional, or just for family, but otherwise boring) You don't mommy blog like that. For example, you are the first person I have ever seen who posted pictures of their infant with a tatoo. :)

The Dragonfly said...

My definition of mommy blogger: a mom who also blogs.

This picture did me in. He is the best. Ever.

hAha said...

oh yes! what a sweetheart! i can't believe he's already 3 mos! where does the time go? sorry for being so uh, absent. love you!

Apis Melliflora said...

Oh, to me the mom of such a slugger! Clearly, he loves you dearly!

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