At Last

Ohmygoodness. I think the great paint debate of 2011 is finally over. 

First was Stonington Gray, which looked mint green in our house. Then Ozark Shadows and Galveston Gray, which left me thinking "Isn't that too brown?" Cement Gray looked lilac. Moody Monday looked blue. I took a break from Benjamin Moore and tried Martha Stewart's Cobblestone, which looked... like a purple-ish taupe. Then I went back to BM and tried Revere Pewter, which I'd shied away from thinking it looked too beige. But lo and behold, against our creamy white trim and green-ish gray countertops, it looks like a nice champagne gray. Hallelujah! And wouldn't you know it, Ozark Shadows re-entered the scene as a perfect earthy-gray for the cabinets. 

All this has taught me that as much as I like blue, it's best reserved for accents rather than paint undertones. It made our trim look yellow and our kitchen like Jerry Seinfeld's apartment. *shudder*

Now to paint over all those swatches and find a discounted {or knock off} roll of this wallpaper. I want to hang it in the pantry and inside my cabinets. I love it as a backdrop for all the white dishes.

Happy weekend, all. I'm sure you were just waiting on the edge of your seat, unable to relax until I'd finally found the perfect color. You're welcome. 



Crys said...

what fun!! glad you found the right color.

Apis Melliflora said...

Reading about your paint color selection has been riveting. Don't kid yourself. =-)

The Queen Vee said...

Looks like a great combo to me, HOPING this works for you.

jen, ryall & declan said...

we used revere pewter in our guest room and i love it so much. when we put the swatch up, our contractor said it was too gray. but it's perfect! glad you love it too!

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