Pretty packages

I sent a spur-of-the -moment present recently and found that the most fun part was getting to be creative with the packaging. I made a quick greeting by sewing on cardstock with red thread, then used some Japanese washi tape to make pennants. It was so easy, I'm thinking of having the kids make smaller versions to pass out to friends on Valentine's Day.

Washi tape also replaced the typical ribbon around the packages, and paint chips {I've got plenty of those!} made perfect gift tags.

I also made a little cloth bag out of leftover fabric and some red and white bakers twine. I may not be a fan of red at Christmas time, but it sure comes in handy come February!

Other Valentine goodies that have me drooling: 


Crys said...

Seriously, epic success. Made my day, and lately I can use all the help I can get.

The Queen Vee said...

I agree with Crys, Epic Success Melancholy. Thanks for sharing these wonderfully clever creations.

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