Ducking In

Sorry for the radio silence. I've been busy. Homeschool projects, cooking from scratch {and all the dishes that result from it}, working out and several crafts have all been occupying my time. Pictures to come! 

In the meantime, this photo is reminding me of the amazing trip to Europe J and I took before having kids. *sigh* I could really use a weekend in the Cinque Terre, especially wearing that dress

So much for not posting anything that makes me want to shop. :)

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hukolb said...

Well, it looks like you've doubled your blogs this month so I don't think you need to apologize:). Life with kids gets so busy! Thanks for all the updates and great pictures, etc...Where's all the time and money we need now while our kids are young and we're exhausted:). Helping me plug away at the meals from our food storage from scratch, etc...I realized I love to cook, doing the dishes after ward not so much, though we finally got a dishwasher last month after 2 1/2 years without and can I say it has been heaven!!! Good luck and hang in there!

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