Easy Necklace

When I featured a key necklace in my post about dressing, it got me thinking, "I could make that." With the advent of Etsy, I didn't even have to drag little kids through my local antique mall in search of skeleton keys! These two arrived yesterday. They have a satisfying heft to them and a patina that lends itself well to casual wear. For now, I simply strung them on a chain I already had in my jewelry box {you can also use a jump ring instead of stringing them directly on the chain}, and voila! Instant accessory. 

I may buy a few more and paint them with white enamel to get that ceramic look and string them on a silver chain, just for a more polished effect. Easy-peasy. :)

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Apis Melliflora said...

When I was 20, I had a boyfriend who made me a hat with a skeleton key on it. I've had a crush on such keys ever since. Tres chic!

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