Hey Mom-

Here are a few things I keep meaning to show you... a handmade play forest via The Violet Hours. I want to make one. It's like a zen garden, but waaay better. At least, that's how I would justify playing with it myself instead of giving it to the kids. :)

This amazing french treehouse via Design Mom. I love it because it strikes me as being built by someone who thinks about the fun little details, just like you. 

I like all the make-shift lattice work, especially the shutters that open and close.

A place to store treasures and write notes. {Just looking at that makes me itch to play spy games and make treasure maps!}

And a bell for the front door. You can see more photos here.

Did you hear they made a real-life UP house? It's for a tv show on the National Geographic Channel this fall. The pictures are pretty stunning.

It's especially impressive considering how high it got. {found via Black Eiffel}

Lastly, I'm a bit obsessed with these topographic paper-cut maps from Etsy. I want to get one of Lake Wenatchee someday. 

That's it! Now I can take these off of my "things to try to describe over the phone" list. :) Love ya.

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