Sleep Update!

Baby R has now mastered sitting up, crawling, and pulling himself into a standing position, which necessitated moving him out of his darling cradle and into.... a playpen in our walk-in closet. 

Yes, not the lap of luxury, but something about the dark or not being able to see me when he sits up has made it possible for him to actually sleep! He cried for about 6 hours straight the first night, but since then he falls asleep at 8pm and wakes at 4am for a drowsy feeding. Then he's back down until about 7am. 


Honestly, having a reliable chunk of sleep at night has completely invigorated my outlook on life. Suddenly, I find myself eyeing my husband as he walks by, grinning like and idiot and getting all romantic and giddy. 

It's been a long time {a very long time} but I think we're on our way to getting 'us' back.


Edit: Spoke too soon! Last night he came down with a cold, and was up most the night. Poor kid. Hopefully, it doesn't undo all his progress once he's healthy again.


The Dragonfly said...

I believe God made closets with no windows just for new moms! Enjoy your new found energy. You deserve it. That baby is CUTE.

LisAway said...

So happy for you! (and J!)

Nicole Marie said...

ahh yay!! soon he'll be sleeping completely though the night!

Apis Melliflora said...

Even if it was just a temporary glimpse, it might just carry you through to the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Queen Vee said...

Hopefully Baby R will soon be well and able to sleep so you can too. There are days when I could stand to be put in a dark closet to sleep

aimee said...

Congrats! I feel like a new woman so I am cheering along with you on the sleep.

Cash was sick this past week and is back to doing good at the night sleeping. Baby R will get back - the running nose and difficulty breathing just throws things for a loop.

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