Arcade Fire

Last night, J and I saw Arcade Fire in concert. Arcade Fire is one of those bands that you've heard {trust me, you have!} without realizing it. Remember this?

And, of course, they just won a Grammy for Album of the Year, which a surprising amount of people seemed shocked at. They're awesome and energetic, with violins, multiple drum sets, and lots of unusual instruments {including the accordion!}. We had a great time.

Grandma watched the kids for us, and when we picked them up around 11pm, they looked like this:

Cute, right? Gotta love the random Wednesday date-night. :)


LisAway said...

Fun! I'm trying to decide who looks more content, you and J without the little ones or the little ones sleeping so peacefully. :)

h. said...

Nice! I've wanted to see them since before their first album came out. Color me jealous.

Aimee said...

amazing musicians.

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