Bubba-Gump Eggs

Easter is fast approaching, and while money-matters {and my waistline} prevent an abundance of candy and chocolate, eggs are readily available! Here's a round-up of creative and beautiful ways to use eggs. {above- an egg platter inspired by artist's palettes}

A simple white-on-white textural approach.

I've often seen these egg planters, but have never tried it. Would be so pretty at the Easter table.

Use rubber bands when dying to produce striped eggs!

It'd be fun to make some heart-shaped eggs for Easter breakfast.

Message in an egg! Wouldn't it be fun to have an Easter egg hunt that's more like a treasure hunt? Each egg could hold a clue...

.... that would lead to golden eggs!

Egg candles could be fun.

 Or simply draw on eggs using a fine-tipped marker.

Or best of all, fill them with chocolate! You can watercolor on eggs, cover them in newspaper, decoupage them, make them look natural and speckled, cover them in glitter.... the options are endless.


Kristina said...

Those are so fun! My favorite is the rubber bands while dying one. I love love love those white stripes. It's so refreshing--I sometimes get sick of all the pastels that surround Easter.
Have fun!

merelyLooking said...

Holy cow! I thought I knew my way around the internet but wow, what a smorgasbord you found! And everyone of them a keeper!

Dad wants to know how much chocolate you have to feed a chicken before you get a chocolate egg?

The Wingnut's said...

I am in awe. such beautiful ways to display an egg! how did you find all these? thankyou for sharing!

Jessica West Judkins said...

I LOVE this!!! It may be to late to do some of these this year, but I am def trying out the egg planters next year.

When I was younger I would paint eggs with nail polish, it would keep the egg hard and you can actually make really pretty eggs that way. Then I would poke a nail at the bottom and top and get the yolk out and give them out as gifts (I was like14 yrs old when i did this)

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