Brought to you by the letter O

Baby R has been experimenting with his voice. My favorite, of course, is the way he says "Mama mama mama mama!" while crawling after me {especially since all my other children said "Dada" long before they learned to call me anything}.

But the one that makes me laugh is the way he squeezes his mouth into the tightest little 'o' shape and says "oooooooh" "ooooooh" over and over again. Kind of like a monkey, minus all the creepy and disgusting aspects of monkeys.

I keep trying to capture his "ooooooh" face, but it's been like taking wildlife photography. The minute I train my lens on him, he stops. Or I manage to snap a picture, but he moves at the last moment and it turns out blurry or out of focus.

Or {most typical of all} he saves all his cutest antics for bedtime, when the lighting is terrible and I have to resort to flash photography.

Nevertheless, I'm grateful for the few photos we have. He's already his own person with his own unique quirks, and it's such a joy to see him grow and change. I'm relishing his babyhood.


Janae said...

He is absolutely adorable. I'm relishing babyhood too. They just grow up too fast!

Apis Melliflora said...

His O face has some really cute cheeks to go with it. "Ooooh" is a word of wonder and appreciation. What a great quality in a child of any age!

{I especially like that his first word is "Mama." That only happened with my 3rd.}

Jessica West Judkins said...


My 4 month son just started belly laughing yesterday :-) I can't wait to hear him say mama :-)
hopefully it will be before dada, I mean I think the moms earn the first word :-)

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