Easter Dress

In an effort to be budget-conscious, I almost didn't buy Little Miss C an Easter dress this year. But as the weekend approached, my resolve to have her wear her pink school dress or her black and white not-too-wintery-Sunday dress completely dissolved. There are very few traditions I hold sacrosanct, but apparently a new dress for Easter and Christmas is one of them. As soon as the boys returned from camping, I grabbed Little Miss and high-tailed it to Old Navy.

It was a mad house. Goodness, I had no idea that a last-minute-dress-shopping-crowd even existed, but there they were! And I was one of them! We shouldered our way through the throng, grabbing every dress we could get our hands on. We ended up purchasing this gauzy white and metallic print dress in a size 14. It was way too big, but it was the last one there-- I stripped it off a mannequin. 

Little Miss C loves Percy Jackson books right now, and declared that the dress and sandals were beautifully Grecian. We ran home, where I took in the dress {dramatically!}, brought the shoulder strap over, and removed the rosette to turn it into a hair clip. We put her hair in pin curls and whispered "It was worth every penny!" while we laid out her outfit for the morning. 

Remarkably, this is the only picture we have from Easter-- it was difficult to get the children to stand still and sometimes its more fun to watch and be in the moment rather than documenting everything. But trust me, she was lovely. 

I'm so glad I have a girl. :)


Daisy said...

This is so off-subject and random, but I've enjoyed following your blog for quite sometime for the decorating ideas and lovely videos your family puts together. I must say that Little Miss C has a fan in my four-year old daughter. Everytime she gets near the computer she begs to watch "IN THE MIDDLE" over and over again and has her favorite part. Thanks for sharing. Your family is darling. We love your creativity.

Apis Melliflora said...

I really like Old Navy this season. Some seasons, not so much. But this season works.

So, I'm not surprised you pulled together your daughter's adorable outfit in a mad dash {or a last minute pinch?}

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