Father and Sons Campout

Last Friday, J took two of the boys out to the desert for a father-and-sons camp out. This was L's first time joining J and E {since J's rule is that they have to be out of diapers} and he was so excited. Honestly, that's what he kept telling me, "Mommy, I so ess-eye-ted!"

 J filmed trains while the boys scrambled over rocks, dug holes, ate junk food until they threw up {literally, in L's case}, and explored. Though it's unusual to come across rattlesnakes in this area, we made sure the boys knew what to do if they saw {or heard!} one, and luckily they never had to use that information.

Poor E sustained some injuries when he encountered a jumping cactus. He tripped and fell onto it-- so we tease that he jumped on the cactus rather than the other way around. :)

They came home happy, exhausted, and eager to do it again next year. 

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LisAway said...

Oh my goodness! Such big boys! What a fun outing and a great picture story!

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