Endeavor and Beyond

This morning, the kids and I woke up early to watch a live broadcast of space shuttle Endeavor's final launch into space. It seems rather serendipitous that the launch should coincide with our recent study of the moon, planets, and Apollo missions. It was beautiful. Watching the flames and clouds billowing from the launch pad gave me chills, while E liked the spent fuel rockets disengaging from the shuttle.

On a related note, J sent me this link to an amazing interactive 360 degree view of the night sky. It includes an overlay displaying constellations, bright stars and planets. I've said it before, but I can't help reiterating that the sheer majesty of the stars in the heavens always manage to take my breath away and make me feel so very small and humble.


I love homeschooling.


Aimee said...

I know Seattle Jon from Modern Mormon Men is looking for some more input on his homeschooling posts he is doing. I think you would actually totally love his wife. She is a good friend and you guys have similar interests - home deco, home schooling etc. Anyway, he does a call out to fellow homeschoolers in this post below. Maybe if you (or your husband) have anything to add you can email him. I know he would love non-weirdo homeschooler input. :)


P.S. Loving the new site remodel. This is the first time I have click on the site since it has got an uplift. Very hot!

Amy said...

Loved the launch--I was there!

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