Camera-phone Snapshots

While I love road-tripping, it certainly sends me into technology withdrawals! J has our camera, so I'm sharing a few shots via mom's cell phone. We took off early Tuesday morning and had lunch at the Grand Canyon. The view was absolutely spectacular. I'd bemoan the lack of pictures, but I know they wouldn't do it justice anyway. 

We stayed two nights in Salt Lake City to visit with family, rest and swim; then hit the road once more.

In Boise, we met up with more family and ate at Donnie Mac's Trailer Park Cuisine, famous for their macaroni & cheese and their kitschy decor. We loved all the dead flowers planted in tires, the pink flamingos, and the '41 Chevy converted into a booth and decked out in Christmas lights.

 After Idaho, we drove late into the night before pulling into the Tri-Cities and GG's house, where we slept in, ate all their good food, went for a run, had a great visit and then drove on towards Olympia.

 But not before taking a slight detour into Granger to see all the dinosaurs. :)

The kids climbed  climbed, rode, posed with and ran from the dinos, ate a snack, then loaded into the car once more. We arrived in Olympia just as the sun was setting {about 10pm} and carried them to bed.

In the morning, Little Miss C was thrilled to see that Nana and Grandpa have a tiny silky/bantam hen and two baby chicks! They are adorable and oh-so-petite, perfectly matching the house and yard!

We've settled in, taking over my parents bedroom, covering their living room floor with toys, and filling their refrigerator with our food. We BBQ in the backyard, laze on the sofa reading books, let the kids fill their pockets with sand out in the sandbox and are, in all respects, in paradise. :)

I'd like to get an ipod touch to have easier access to camera, video & internet, but have been told the ipad might be a better choice. I worry that it's far too big to tote around as a camera, though I can see the appeal of a larger screen  when browsing internet or watching movies. Not to mention the higher cost. Anyhow, hopefully I'll have better/more pictures soon!


LisAway said...

Paradise indeed! That Little Miss C is so dramatic. Did the dinosaur get her afterall? Was her brother reining it in or siccing it on her? (I had to look of up the spelling of siccing. Weird.)

And I have an iPhone that's from the states so I only use it exactly like an ipod touch. I can't imagine really NEEDING a bigger screen. I wouldn't mind it working faster but, as a not-very-materialistic person I'm very happy with it. I'm also the type of person who, if I DID switch to an ipad, would never look back and wonder how I was okay with my little tiny iPhone. (I guess most people are like that...)

MelancholySmile said...

E was most definitely siccing it on her. He's a boy, through and through.

Glad to know the ipod touch is large enough! I can't afford an ipad anyway, so it's just as well.

{Remember those days when we could live without fancy igagets at all? Me neither.} :)

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