Little Worlds

My mom has saved so many toys from when my brothers and I were young. The other day, E took all the Cowboys and Indians {full of holes from being pierced with needle 'arrows' and covered with remnants of painted 'blood'}and created his own forest amid Grandpa's corn.

I can totally remember being a kid and having that narrow focus that allows you to disappear into your own little world for hours at a time. As a child you're so intimate with your belongings. As I went through some of my old toys, I was amazed at my detailed recall of the textures, scents and even where each little ding or scar came from. It was such a nostalgic experience, I've become inspired to save some of my own kid's toys for my future grandchildren.


The Dragonfly said...

My kids now play with the Legos and Smurfs that my brothers and I used as children! Some toys truly are timeless.

Your dad's corn is perfection in a garden!

Apis Melliflora said...

I have already started my grandchildren stash of toys. We're definitely saving playmobiles and legos for starters. Treasures from the attic, to be sure!

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