Park Day

Lately, constantly having children underfoot has begun to drive us all a little crazy. Conversations with my mom, shopping with the girls, dreaming up projects around the house and generally lazing about has become much more difficult with four little ones demanding {more than}their fair share of attention.

To stave off cabin fever {and minimize the number of messes we have to clean up!} we follow a schedule {breakfast, chores, outside play, lunch, quiet time, clean up, dinner and bed} and make it a point to go someplace at least every other day. Yesterday, it was the park with cousin Finner. :)

Finn, a mere handful of months older than Baby R, stole the show with his happy running around, dexterous climbing of stairs, possessive clutching of chalk and hilarious attempts at holding three balls at once.

The change of scenery combined with the novelty of having an adorable new playmate did the trick-- the kids were rosy-cheeked and grinning by evening and we were able to swiftly whisk them off to bed.

As wonderful as the day at the park was, I have to admit that the hour or two after the children have fallen asleep was the best part of my day.


Tru Stories said...

It looks like you are having the BEST summer vacation ever! I am so happy you and your children are getting so much time with your family. If J continues to film these camps every summer... you should always do this. It's sorta like your children are from Europe... spending their summers far away in another country!

hAha said...

haha! love that finner made the blog! thanks for the shout out. brag brag brag...my kid is cute. ;)

hukolb said...

I think we had the same summer except mine was in Utah and Colorado without Joseph:). It is much harder the more kids you have! Nothing is as easy or clean, nothing! We had to start a schedule and getting out, too. We finally made it for a reunion in Houston and on to fort worth and are finally home! I don't know what's harder, though. Getting back without family and trying to round up kids, get meals, clean the house, unpack, ready for school to start. Its all a bit overwhelming right now. I just have to make myself be patient and know that this too shall pass. So for now I'll absorb myself in your wonderful vacation posts and ignore the millions of things waiting for me!

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