Moss and Loam

Even though I grew up here in Washington, I've lived in the desert for so long that everything I used to take for granted is novel once more. The mountains, the architecture, the sea, the trees, and green green green everywhere I look.

I've been using my daily runs to explore the area, and this building keeps catching my eye. I love the moss that grows on every surface, the rust and lime and weathered wood window frames.

This morning I ran through a rain so fine it could only be described as a mist. Wild raspberry bushes lined the path, and if I ventured even a few feet away from the manicured residential areas, untamed overgrowth grew thick as a jungle.

It's easy to fall in love with everything in the summer. I have to remind myself that in the winter, it's so wet and cold that I'd likely be mildewing myself. But for now, I delight in every verdant detail, marvel in the breath that condenses the moment it escapes my mouth, and thrill at the smell of dark earth, moss and loam.


The Dragonfly said...

Look at you in a jacket! Clearly you are not partaking of the nationwide heat wave that has me sweating in 111 degrees. Lucky!

Tru Stories said...

Your hair looks cute.

Apis Melliflora said...

My 10 year old asked me the other day:

Would you rather see all the colors in the spectrum except for green OR see only green with all the other colors a shade of gray?

I didn't have an answer. Green keeps me happy two seasons of the year.

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