L is our little chatterbug. On the way back from Laguna Beach, he was about two seconds away from falling asleep, yet he would not. stop. talking.

Little Miss C and E had been snipping at each other and arguing so much that as punishment, I told them they were forbidden from saying a word and instead had to listen to the sweet sound of their younger brother's voice.

He was happy to fill the silence with an endless stream of observations. "There a bus! It blue! Not green. Honk! No! It not a tunnel! Honk in a tunnel. Mountain! Hey mommy! Red car! You missed it! Look, I bigger! Not smaller. I not miss it. Mini Cooper!"

On and on he jabbered until J and I were giggling and he finally passed out in exhaustion.

Best punishment ever.

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Miggy said...

Fighting fire with fire...I like it.

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