E Gets A Pirate Tooth

The day we left on our trip to Washington, E began complaining that his tooth hurt. It shortly became clear that he had a pretty severe cavity, but without the insurance or funds to get it fixed out-of-state, we were forced to give him periodic doses of painkillers and have him wait until we got home.

E was terrified that the dentist was going to give him a bunch of painful shots in his mouth {a fear that, admittedly, we cultivated years ago by telling him that that would be the result if he didn't brush his teeth} and consequently, I had to promise him that the dentist would give him laughing gas instead. The idea of this was somehow hilarious to him, and the day he went to get his 'pirate' tooth, he was excited and happy. Though he didn't laugh and giggle after the nitrous was administered, he did get all mellow. He flashed us a bunch of thumbs up and once burst into a rendition of It's A Pirate's Life For Me. :)

Now he's all fixed up and pain free. I took a picture of his tooth for the blog, but staring into the cavern of his mouth was grossing even me out, so I'll leave you with his sno-cone face instead.

You're welcome.

1 comment:

merelyLooking said...

He looks so laid back none of your kids are ever going to brush their teeth again. What fer? I already got me a dentist
! :)

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