Gig Harbor

I purposely didn't tell the children when J would be coming home, so that when he arrived at the train station, I'd be able to pick him up and have some alone time before they swamped him with their love and affection. I found that I loved the idea of meeting in a train station-- like something out of a movie from the 1940's.

After 40 days {and nights!} away from each other, we were both eager for a reunion. As I made my way downtown, I nervously checked and re-checked my reflection. I had so many butterflies in my stomach! But all that evaporated when I saw him-- it was like when we first met. Being with him puts me at ease.

My parents generously agreed to watch the kids and J secretly booked us a bed & breakfast in Gig Harbor. We had a lovely room with doors that opened right up to a view of the water.

We walked to a restaurant for dinner and enjoyed the perfect weather while eating outdoors on the deck. It was gorgeous-- we could see a hint of Mt Rainier in the distance, the food was excellent, and I grinned at J so much that my face hurt.

In the morning, we ate breakfast in bed, then went kayaking. We had the harbor to ourselves, as most people were avoiding the fine, misty rain that had been falling since the early hours of the day.

We rowed out to the tiny lighthouse that stood at the mouth of the harbor and combed the beach for beach glass and seashells to take back to the kids. It was nastolgic to take a photo next to it-- our honeymoon was spent along the Pacific Coast Highway 101, and our albums are full of photos of us next to lighthouses. :)

After a hot shower {it was chilly out there!} we enjoyed seeing a movie in an actual theater-- something that is rare treat for us nowadays. Then we ate lunch and reluctantly headed home. It was a good thing we had four very excited faces to come home too, or we may never have left our little retreat.

Oh, Gig Harbor, I will forevermore have a soft spot in my heart for you!


The Dragonfly said...

Reunions are the best! Especially when they involve husbands and bed and breakfasts! Happy for you.

Janae said...

So glad you guys are together again!!! Your grin is beautiful--true, reunions are the best. We're headed to UT on Friday...let me know if you are headed that way.

JennyJenJen said...

i knew that vista looked familiar...

the Gig is my favorite place in the world. is it not the cutest?? and the inn where you stayed-- i have pics exactly where you're standing. Came across it by complete accident, and never wanted to leave.

i could not think of a more perfect place for a reunion. the stuff of dreams.

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