Goodbye Hirrrry

I ended up spending a fair amount of time with miss hAha while in Washington. She has a reserved nature that hides a wealth of creativity and thoughtfulness. I found myself enjoying her company immensely.

We had a Girl Day at Hot Toddy and both fell in love with the same perfect green skirt in the window.

Drooled over shoes {and decor} at Yolly Shoes, finishing up with a snack at Thai Palace {hAha's such a foodie!} and some thrift store shopping.

Our kids played in the park, museum, and Nana's house together.

And on one of our final days there, we had a last hurrah in Seattle, where we tried on and fell in love with the same Mad Men dress. {sensing a theme? I have to hurry and lose 10 pounds so we can share a wardrobe!}

Ate goodies at Pike Place...

And introduced the kids to flying fish and the golden pig.

That evening when we hugged goodbye, L cried all the way home because he wanted Hirrry, whom he'd fallen completely in love with.

Today, hAha and her dear SBug embark on their move to Motor City. I know it shouldn't feel like much of a difference to me from thousands of miles away, but I miss her already.

Good luck, brave girl. My brother married well. :)


Crys said...

Amen! awww makes me tear up. I miss my hAha.

hAha said...

thank you so much for this. it means more to me than i can say. i miss you so much. thank you for the heart to hearts and being a listening ear. can't wait 'til our next girl's day! in the meantime, you will be hearing from me a lot! :) tell L. i love him and that he is my buddy! i'll talk to you soon!

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