Wow, I'm having a really hard time being home. Instead of slipping into a healthy routine, diving back into my responsibilities or even thinking of fun and distracting things to do here, I spend a lot of time reminiscing and missing people.

I mean, it's not like I didn't have off days in Washington. Like this-- no one felt up to anything big, but the kids had cabin fever so we took them to Cabela's. {And now that you mention it, yes, that is Baby R in Spiderman pajamas. Some days, that's just the way I roll.}

But it was awesome! The kids spent hours there and were enthusiastic the whole time. L was obsessed with this huge catfish and would tug at my shirt every time it made the smallest movement, exclaiming "He waking up! He moving! He waking up!"

And don't even get me started on all the taxidermy. It was better than a zoo, seeing all the animals up close. As you can see, L particularly liked the elephant.

Even things we hadn't expected the kids to gravitate towards turned out to be entertaining. They ran in and out of hunting blinds as though they were clubhouses, and E loved to put on camouflage hat & gloves, stand in front of more camouflage and ask, "Can you see me?"

I know I can go to Cabela's here, but what I'm really missing is the camaraderie of sharing the daily joys and frustrations of raising my children.

It was so nice to have people who love my kids and rejoice in all their quirky personalities, but then also heave a sigh of relief when they're finally in bed and we can settle in to watch a movie and eat ice cream. To have adult conversations in the middle of the afternoon with, or have someone who can look you in the eye and reaffirm that yes, this is a really hard job and don't worry, you don't suck at it.


I just miss my family, and today it's making me all,  "Modern suburbia is stupid!" and "Why don't we have villages to raise our children anymore?" and "I can't remember why we even live here" kind of pouty.

Next summer can't come soon enough.


Singin' Heart said...

OMGooseness! I have been thinking the SAME thing, about what happened to "it takes a village to raise a child". Instead society says 'suck it up' or 'go to work and have someone else raise your child'...I don't want someone else to raise my children but man it's nice to have others around to help out even if they too have children. We were so meant for a different area but again I LOVE getting dressed up and going to the theatre or out to eat or travel thousands of miles to "get a away". What to do, what to do...guess I better move closer soon so that we can hang out more ;)
{also glad that I'm not the only one missing the family so much - it has got a little better recently but it's probably cause mom and pops are back}

The Dragonfly said...

there is something so calming about having another adult to talk to during the day. some days I wonder if I can even carry on a real, adult conversation. I call my hubby and prattle on about nothing just to hear his man voice replying. I get you sister. I totally do.

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