Labor Day

Last night, Little Miss C asked what the word 'labor' meant. J told her it meant work. "So tomorrow is Work Day?" she replied skeptically, "how is that a holiday?"

"Oh, it's a great holiday!" J reassured her. "All children learn the value of work as they labor in the backyard. You guys can mow the lawn and pull the weeds and trim the hedges..."

At this point, Little Miss was sure he was joking and looked to me for confirmation, but I simply shrugged and said, "Why else do you think all the hardware stores have Labor Day sales? And when you're done you can come inside and fold laundry!"

"But that's not a holiday!" she wailed indignantly.

J and I just grinned, "Well, it is for us!"

Parenting has its perks, and freaking your kids out with misinformation is one of them. Happy Labor Day. :)


LisAway said...

*evil cackle*

You guys are such fun parents!

Apis Melliflora said...

We filled our entire tree lawn with clipping debris this past week end. Hail to the labor of a family of five!
I'm guessing Little Miss will figure it out by next year.

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