Counting Down

Just a few days left! Is anyone else in a frenzy of crafting, wrapping and receiving amazing surprises in the mail? {It's kind of magical, really!} We finished up the children's gifts for their cousins and now they're pretty packages all tied up with strings.

We used plain rolls of craft paper from Ikea and accented it with washi tape, baker's twine, these free printable gift tags and a few mini clothespins I had in my stash. It was fun trying to use what we had, and discovering that it could all look quite nice.

I've also been making and delivering invitations to our New Year's Party. J says we're too broke to be hosting anything, but I think we've been so blessed, we need to spread the joy a bit. Besides, I make a resolution every single year that I'm going to be more social and host something, but I never do. This may be checking it off my list at the very last minute, but I'm determined {and excited} to accomplish it this year!

We're going Mad Men themed-- skinny ties, cocktail dresses, vintage games, retro hors d'oeuvres, mocktails-- I figure if I can dress a set for less than $10, I can throw a party for at twice that. I made the invites myself using my meager photoshop skills. {If I'd thought ahead a bit more, I'd have purchased these from Etsy}. I love how they turned out, especially the typeface silhouettes. :)

Now, back to teepee making!


Creole Wisdom said...

You know, unless you said something no one would ever know that you guys have had a tough year and some challenging few months financially.

I love making use of what you have, finances are not an excuse to throw beauty out the window. It's available to anyone with creativity.

Would LOVE to know how you did the silhouettes.

Miggy said...

That's what you had on hand? Those packages look more amazing than any of my gifts!

And could I please come to your party?

The Queen Vee said...

You are amazing.

Amazingly talented.

Amazingly clever.

Amazingly thoughtful.

Your gifts look amazing and the gift you sent is all of the above.

Totally not necessary but so fun to view first hand your talent and artistic touch.

Wishing you, dear Melancholy, J and those adorable kiddos a very joyous and happy Christmas.

PS...We won't be dressed up but DF, Apis and I will be together on New Years Eve for the first time ever....I can't wait.

Apis Melliflora said...

We're still wrapping too. May your childrens' faces have joy written all over them on Christmas morn.

You are the perfect couple to host a Mad Men party!

Crys said...

These are so cute, Wish we could go to your party!!!

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