Style For Less

As the weekend approaches, I can't help having my head turned by all the fabulous sales out there. If I were at liberty to go shopping, this is what I'd be spending {and saving!} money on:

The Dotline Boatneck T is just $29 at Anthropologie. The brass geometric elements of the necklace would set it off nicely {$39 at Madewell}. Add a pop of color with green denim jeans, a bit of polish with leopard print ballet flats {a steal at $12!} and finish it off with a messy bun and some bright lipstick. Voila! A sassy outfit for less than the price of a pair of jeans.

Happy Weekend, all!

1 comment:

Amber - Binkertation said...

Love your style - I wouldn't think to put those things together, but when you lay it out, I'm totally on board!

Although I'm scared of any color denim other than the standard blue ;)

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