Watercolor Heart Banner

I about fell over when I realized that January had managed to slip away without my noticing it. Suddenly, February is here, and while I embrace this month for its little holidays, {Groundhogs Day! Valentines Day!} Birthdays {L turns 4! Arizona turns 100!}, and the Academy Awards {Billy Crystal is back!}, I can't help but feel that the year is already passing by far too quickly for my taste.

In an effort to catch up, Little Miss C and I made a little Valentine's Heart Banner. It took just a few minutes, yet made the house feel that much more festive. :)


  • watercolor paint
  • brush
  • watercolor paper
  • scissors
  • darning needle
  • bakers twine
  • pages from an old book 
  • Heart cookie cutter to use as template {optional}
I bought an old Oprah's Book Club paperback specifically to use for crafts like these {it breaks my heart to destroy a book, but I figured I wouldn't shed any tears over one of her selections!} Simply trace  and cut out several hearts and string them on bakers twine using a darning needle. Then paint large swaths of red over watercolor paper. Let it dry before you trace, cut out and string a single watercolor heart onto the banner.

I like the asymmetrical look. :)

PS I was thinking today about terms of endearment. I once had a boyfriend who called me 'darling' and I thought it was so old fashioned and romantic. I've always liked that my dad calls my mom 'cutie girl', and 13 years ago, J and I started jokingly calling each other 'babe'. We were first married, and said it to tease my brother and sister in law, but it managed to stick! Also, when J is irritated or fighting his temper, he always calls me 'honey'. :)

What do you call your sweetheart?


The Dragonfly said...

We were just talking about terms of endearment the other day. We're "honey" or Trav & Sammy to eachother.

I love your banner - simple and looks great! I have no problem cutting up old books I find for quarters in thrift stores.

Happy February!

JeanetteH said...

Hummm. This got me thinking. I don't think we have a name for each other. You'd think that after being together for 20 years (ugh, did I just say *20*?!?!) we would have at least one for each other.
Aww, that makes me sad.
I'll have to change that.

Jess Judkins said...

Pretty banner, its so delicate and happy :-)

Okay funny story, I have a TON of nicknames for my husband, but when we were dating he flew us both to Florida to meet my family (and ask them for my hand in marriage) well we were sitting at a restaurant having breakfast and he was looking up these websites to find a "nick name" for me. He was reading them out loud to me and he started laughing and said "Monchichi" what is that, I looked up at him and started laughing because the monchichi doll was my favorite doll as a kid and my husband grew out his beard and he looked just like a monchichi doll!

So I called him Monchichi
that became munch
and when I was pregnant with Judah he was baby munch
then baby cheese
and now Judah is cheesy head (his head doesn't look like cheese....) it all came from that one breakfast conversation about nick names :-)

annie (the annilygreen one) said...

we don't use sweet names like this often....the sound of him saying my real name makes my stomach leap...it's my favorite. but i definitely call him honey when his driving stresses me out, haha...like when i think he hasn't noticed something dangerous. it's like i'm the driver's ed teacher trying to slam on the breaks from the passenger seat. honey...honey...honey!

Amber - Binkertation said...

Wow - that banner looks amazing!! Where do you buy baker's twine? I've never evven heard of that.

My husband and I call each other 'bub' and 'bubby' and have since we first met - it's our thing :)

Apis Melliflora said...

The off-centered pop of color is my favorite part too. I like the surprise of it!

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