A Shot of Orange

Once upon a time, I declared orange to be the ugliest color of them all. Oh, how mistaken I was! Lately, I've developed a bit of a crush on this misfit in all its hues. From rust:

to tangerine:

In doses large:

and small:

It's gorgeous as an accessory:

and punches up my favorite wardrobe staples:

Maybe someday, I'll even become brave enough to tolerate it in the home. I like it paired with soothing whites and grays:

or in little accents, like boxes and books:

rugs and artwork:

But perhaps my favorite source is outdoors, where it pairs so nicely with natural woods and greenery:

While I've learned to admire orange from afar, I think for the moment my adoration will stay confined to the tangelos on my citrus tree. And perhaps that orange belt... :)

{photo sources on my Pinterest}


The Dragonfly said...

I have this great pair of orange globe earrings that I throw on occasionally with navy and white. It's very "kicky". But I can't decide if I look awesome or like a Florida Gators fan. All your orange photos float my boat!

Singin' Heart said...

LOVE the pictures you chose! I am now craving orange.

The Queen Vee said...

The orange looks so great in the photos but it never looks great in my home or on me. Of course you would look fab in every outfit in the above photos.

hAha said...

Welcome to the revolution! ;) Shane and I have been saying 'orange' forever, glad to know its acceptable now:) my blog was orange for a long time, scares me to think what you thought of me then...;)

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