Popsicles for Breakfast

It's officially summer in Arizona. Which means it's more than merely hot. Broiling waves of mirage-inducing heat rise from the pavement before the sun has even crested the horizon. Songbirds and lizards alike seek shade. The drought-hardy plants in my garden have begun to brown and wilt, and the only way my children can play outdoors is to spend hours splashing in the water from the backyard hose until their teeth chatter and their fingers shrivel.

And popsicles? Suddenly, they are totally acceptable as a breakfast food. And lunch. And multiple snacks in between. Trust me, if there were a way to make dinner into an appetizing popsicle, I'd probably try it.

This morning, we christened our new popsicle mold by making Avocado-Lime and Greek-Yogurt Cherry popsicles. I knew the flavors might be too sophisticated for the littles, but they didn't seem to have any qualms:

I, on the other hand, felt that the avocado-lime pops were a bit too sweet. Maybe I'll use agave next time? The cherry ones were nice and tart, but the cherry skins interrupted what would have been a perfectly creamy popsicle. The recipe asked for blackberries or raspberries, which I think might have been better, but I only had the frozen cherries at my disposal.

Still, this didn't stop any of us from eating half the batch before the first episode of Shawn the Sheep had finished. :)

You can be sure I'll trying many more flavors as the summer progresses-- especially considering it doesn't cool down around here until well after Halloween.

Do you have any killer popsicle recipes? Any secrets to creamy pops? I'm making these next!

{Avocado-Lime and Greek-Yogurt Berry Popsicle recipes found via Cup of Jo}


Hannah Q. Parris said...

Yum! I'm a librarian at a university with a culinary program. So happy to find that we have the paletas book, and can't wait to try some of the recipes!

Miki's scrapbook said...

I would have never thought of making avocado popsicles, but they actually look great!

Hope you have a nice weekend! ;D


The Queen Vee said...

I have pinned that Key Lime Pie popsicle recipe too. How do you like your popsicle mold? I've been looking at that one on Amazon. I understand that it is hard to find sticks that will fit the slots. I would appreciate your review.

Your pops look delicious.

Nicole said...

I'm taking notes, we'll be there soon sharing the heat!

Nicole said...

Wow, you're right, its almost Halloween and still Popsicle weather! Where did you get your molds btw. Been looking on and off...

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