Father's Day + A Video

Did everyone have a nice Father's Day weekend? We certainly did!

The kids woke early-- they always seem to assign equal excitement to holidays, whether it be Flag Day or Christmas-- to make Daddy breakfast. After deciding that everything looks gourmet when in miniature, they cooked up  a tower of pint-sized pancakes with raspberries and cream cheese and served them with a very tiny fork.

Then they constructed homemade cards. We thought that Little Miss C captured J's likeness perfectly!

Later, we joined J's family for dinner and gathered around to see his brother's Father's Day video. You should watch it. It's pretty cute:

It seems like the weekend went by in a flash! Now it's back to laundry, floor washing, and entertaining kids suffering from cabin-fever. {which strikes whenever the temps get into triple digits... which will be from now until Thanksgiving. Ugh!}

Happy Monday, all!


Crys said...

Time for a little vacation in Utah!! :)

hAha said...

Or Michigan:) still prayin and hopin!

ellen said...

Very cute video!

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