Dying Mint Jeans

I've been wanting a pair of mint skinny jeans since last summer {which is eons in the fashion world!}, and stalked a pair from J Crew like a crazy person. Finally, I had to admit that my budget couldn't accommodate such a frivolous item like that, but unwilling to give up, I decided to go the DIY route. 

I picked up two bottles of fabric dye: aquamarine and apple green. I already have a pair of turquoise blue shorts, and while I love them, I knew I wanted this color to be more of a true mint. {Hence the apple green.}

I filled my stainless steel sink with boiling hot water, then started experimenting with the color mixtures. My first few batches were far too green and saturated.

But after trial and error, I discovered that 1/4 bottle of aquamarine mixed with 1 tsp of apple green gave me the perfect mint color. I had an old pair of white flare-legged jeans and steeled my courage as I plunged them into the dye bath. I only left them in long enough to become fully saturated, then stuck them in the washer to rinse out.

They came out beautifully. See how they match my mint nail polish?

A few weeks later, I took the jeans to my mother-in-law's and altered them into skinny jeans. I love them and have been wearing them to everything from an afternoon at the lake to date night at the movies

Next, I've got my eye on an old pair of bermudas and some flamingo pink fabric dye... :)


Miggy said...

I bow to you.

Your fashion DIY's are spot on.

Apis Melliflora said...

I cut up a dress to turn it into a skirt the other day. I was thinking of you as the scissors made that first brave cut.

Clearly, there's a color & style gene that runs strong in your family.

Sarah said...

I was looking for mint jeans recently and came across your post. These turned out amazing! Now to find some white jeans to dye...:)


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